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Dopest two lines in all of Homestuck.

In all seriousness though…


Why isn’t DirkJake called Shot through the Heart?


since the first one got so many notes i figured i’d make a part 2

part 1


my fav twinkie


I personally think I’m hilarious

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hope you guys didn’t think I was doing pairing pictures with those character names…


here john go match w/ your ectosister

this might turn into another design set i’m a little apprehensive ( ̄◇ ̄;)

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Three Small Words


Note: This is a one-shot John/Dave and Dirk/Jake happy fluffy feels fic that has nothing to do with Hopeless and Heartless.  Enjoy!

Three Small Words

When you were little, your kindergarten teacher gave you a homework assignment.  Write three sentences, three things that you love.  Your sentences only needed to be three words long.

Spelling didn’t matter.  Periods were optional.    You wrote the entire thing in blue crayon.




You still remember the look on your dad’s face when you proudly showed him that you could write.  When he first looked at you, there was something in his eyes you didn’t recognize.  You were confused and a little worried that you did a bad job writing.  But your unease melted away when he swept you up into his arms.  With a big smile on his face, he told you, “I’m so proud of you, son.”

When you were little, you told Dave you loved him all the time.  Dave told you he loved you too.  Dave was your best friend. Of course you loved him.

And when you were little, nobody seemed to care.  Your teacher just smiled at you.  The other kids were too busy eating paste to think about you two.

Dave’s older brother heard you tell Dave you loved him once.  He used a word you never heard before when he said, “too fuckin’ cute.”

After you asked your dad what a “fuckin’” was later, you weren’t allowed to play over at Dave’s house for a while.  But Dave still came over to yours every day after school.

Grade school flew by.  You and Dave were inseparable.  You did everything together.  By some stroke of luck, you were in the same class with each other every year.

And though some things never changed, one thing did.

Somewhere along the line, you stopped telling Dave you loved him.  Dave stopped too. 

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